Traffic Management

The total traffic management experience: harmonize the public & private interests and put the current infrastructure to better use.

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Traffic management FLO Wcheck mockup

Monitor and analyze

Get a view on real-time mobility or travel back in time. Discover the bottlenecks, find the solution and measure the impact with FlowCheck.

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Control and communicate

Road traffic management

Keep traffic under control via your own infrastructure using FlowControl and encourage drivers to make the right mobility and parking decisions.

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Traffic Events Manager

Manually or automatically add, edit or delete traffic events to inform those who are directly affected by the events.

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Traffic management communication

Warn drivers beforehand if there are planned roadworks or events that may have an impact on traffic or road safety.

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Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems

Pave the way towards autonomous mobility with C-ITS: let drivers and road infrastructure talk with each other.

  • Request priority at traffic lights
  • Drivers receive in-car info from digital signs
  • Ambulances warn vehicles they are approaching
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Intermodal route planner

Evolve from traffic control towards mobility management: coax drivers out of the car, manage new forms of mobility and communicate with citizens & visitors about the urban environment.

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