Intermodal route planner

Offering drivers the chance to check traffic on their route or consult mobility alternatives before they leave, can spare precious time for every traveler.

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Route planners come in many shapes and sizes, but they all have the same goal: show travelers the way from A to B using a particular transport mode. But what if one transport mode alone does not offer the best route? What if drivers want to avoid congested areas and would rather continue by bike, on foot or with another transport mode that would make their trip easier? We brought to life an intermodal route planner to address these modern mobility needs.


Car, bike, on foot, tram or even waterbus: we can integrate every possible transport mode – even shared cars, bikes, steps and scooters.

Traffic info

Takes into consideration traffic and predicts delays based on patterns from historical data.


Connections are optimally synchronized for minimal time loss when switching between modes.


Incorporate infrastructure elements such as taxi stands, electric charging stations and low emission zones.


Integrate events & roadworks including their diversion routes in the route planner or influence the preferred routes for different modes.

Transfer points

Push mobility hubs in the city where you focus on changing travel modes like park and rides, bike hubs, train stations, etc.

Traffic Events Manager

Combine the route planner with our event management tool to prevent drivers from being stuck in front of closed off roads.

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A modal shift towards sustainable, smart mobility

Smart Ways to Antwerp is a distinguished project that keeps the city livable and accessible. The route planner suggests several routes using one or more transport modes, persuading drivers to make better mobility choices.

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