Tolling Platform

Avoid expensive infrastructure costs and facilitate the use of a uniform tolling system with our GPS-based tolling capabilities.

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Our tolling capabilities are GPS-based. This avoids expensive infrastructure costs and facilitates the use of a uniform tolling system. To add granularity to the data, Be-Mobile has developed a unique map where the complete road network is segmented into road sections of maximum 50 meters.

A uniform tolling system

Time- & direction-dependent
Variable tariffs during rush hour or vehicles driving towards the city.

Toll calculated for the exact distance of a trip.

Zone, route or hybrid tolling
Wherever. Anywhere is possible.

Toll context simulation

Toll smarter. Simulate the impact on toll revenue with visual tools which apply or update the toll cost and taxable road network.

Toll collection

Be-Mobile uses powerful algorithms to map each individual driver’s journey with highest accuracy. Implementing the toll collector’s pricing parameters and taxable roads, tolls due are directly and electronically collected in your account.

Toll price simulation

Being prepared never hurts. Want to have an idea of the toll costs before the vehicles start driving? The toll simulator incorporates the latest pricing updates so your calculations match the real situation.

Toll enforcement

Whether you want a second opinion or just a quality check: secure your operations and make sure the tolls are paid correctly based on our historical data.

Toll application

OBUs are little black boxes that put drivers in the dark when it comes to their toll expenses. Our toll application addresses this need and shows drivers the light. But it’s much more than that: with built-in truck navigation and real-time traffic information, the app makes their journeys quicker, safer and more enjoyable.

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