Traffic Events Manager

Certain events, big or small, can have a major impact on traffic. Being aware of this or being able to warn others in time can save a lot of time and frustration.

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Total event management experience

Enter, edit and delete event data from external feeds, received by phone or viewed on cameras to warn those who are directly affected by the events, via your infrastructure.

On-the-side event administration

Don’t compromise your operations. Enter planned or unforeseen events such as roadworks on the map and suggest a detour for a minimal impact on traffic.

Intermodal route planner

Combine event management with our intermodal route planner to directly inform and advise drivers in case of events with an impact on their journey.

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Traffic flow and events

Monitor traffic jams and travel times and see how traffic is flowing. This way you can spot problematic areas immediately and start investigating if drivers need to be informed. Create and use templates for events that happen frequently and save time when you enter them into the tool.

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