Road traffic management

Make it easier for travelers to get through the area with clear directions and mobility messages on the road.

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Get in control of your mobility

Whether you’re a city administration or highway operator looking for innovative ways to steer traffic, keeping vehicles flowing and monitoring the performance of your road network are your daily bread and butter. Directly advise drivers & travelers about the best route to take or events that may influence their journey via your traffic hardware. An all-in-one approach enabled by our centralized FlowControl platform.

Traffic & parking guidance

Guide transit traffic or drivers looking for a parking spot along the right roads: optimize traffic flows with the help of our web application that clearly visualizes all your assets on the map.

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Secure your roadwork areas with tail end of traffic jam warnings, automatic incident detection (AID) & traffic signaling.

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Parking guidance

Guide traffic in your city towards parking areas of choice to maximize the capacity of your parking infrastructure.

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Shop & Go

Parking spaces with limited parking time in the immediate neighborhood of local shops will improve traffic flows in the city and make shop owners & visitors happier.

Do you have specific infrastructure to control traffic?

Let us know! Our platform is built in a modular way, making it easy to integrate new assets.

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