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Data lie at the heart of everything we do. Track traffic anytime and anywhere: find potential bottlenecks that are clogging up the road network.

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Real-time traffic monitoring

Where is traffic queuing up? How much time do drivers currently lose on the road? Don’t miss a second of what is happening on the road via an easy-to-use web application.

Historical traffic analysis

The real-time traffic data we collect are stored for historical analysis purposes in an off-the-shelf software product: FlowCheck is the perfect instrument to detect cut-through traffic or assess the impact of certain mobility measures.

Route analysis

Segment analysis

Origin-destination analysis

Historical maps

Tailored studies

Our dedicated traffic engineering team performs top-notch consultancy in the field of mobility using state-of-the-art technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data processing. If you have a specific mobility request, they are your go-to experts. While FCD (Floating Car Data) forms the core of our data, we also integrate other data such as telco, surveys, sensors, cameras, public transport, etc.

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New perspectives on traffic for engineering expert Transitec

The time is now to take advantage of new technologies in traffic management. Until recently, Transitec relied on loops in the road to analyze traffic data. They now found the way to Be-Mobile, offering a more precise view on traffic.

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