Traffic management communication

Safety comes first. Directly alert drivers in-car about traffic measures you will be taking in the near future to minimize unawareness risks.

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While warnings in real time are very useful, sometimes it may also help to warn drivers well in advance. For example, being aware beforehand of roadworks events can have an important impact on driver safety. All we need is the location. Drivers who frequently pass by this point, will automatically be alerted in their vehicle during or after their journey.

And that does not need to be all: route or speed advice can accompany the message to give drivers all the information they need to be perfectly prepared.

Does it pay off?

These communications are an excellent instrument to measure the exact impact:

Flitsmeister & ProRail for safer railway crossings

Flitsmeister and ProRail teamed up in an attempt to make railway crossings safer. Via the app, drivers received a warning with the purpose to change their driving behavior. Research afterwards showed that these drivers hit the brake sooner thanks to the in-car information, which has a positive effect on road safety.

Flitsmeister is a navigation & traffic information app with more than 1.8 million unique monthly users. Cooperating both with drivers, private companies and public authorities, Flitsmeister improves the daily driving experience of travelers and enhances road safety across Europe.

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