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Master the management of your logistics. Predict arrival times, forecast the costs and be fully prepared for unexpected circumstances.

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A logistics model that works

Be-Mobile is ready to help you tackle the more complex and unpredictable issues in the field of Fleet & Logistics Management.

  • Smart route planning
  • Vehicle activity
  • Vehicle tracking & real-time visualization
  • Real-time truck navigation
  • Transport cost calculation (e.g. toll)
  • Historical analysis & optimization
  • Data & KPI reporting
  • Etc.

Currently, more than 100.000 vehicles are already using our Logistics Platform. Our platform is designed around the central building blocks: smart route planning, traffic information, truck navigation, estimated time of arrival (ETA) and C-ITS. With our logistics platform we address the needs of a wide array of logistics stakeholders

Public authorities

Monitoring the situation and integrating roadworks or other events up front.


Improve capacity and free terminal slots by active management of delays and unforeseen incidents during transport.

The shipper

Keeping an eye on the value chain by indicating the urgency, destination and more to stay on track.

Logistics centers

Optimizing the available slots by using real-time estimated times of arrival from trucks.


Getting a general visibility of the dangerous goods on your own territory.

The truck driver

Driving safely, entering incidents on the road to improve the system and reducing waiting time in traffic.

Optimize your supply chain

Logistics platform desktop platform

Platform: Logistics Manager

Centralized backend platform combining our real-time traffic expertise with all your transport and logistics data.

Logistics platform driver app

Driver companion app: Truckmeister

Smartphone app for truck drivers including truck navigation, connected to the backend of your logistics management software.

We connect the dots

Do you feel your business is ever more dependent on data and analytics? That you belong to a logistics chain where information is key and where you need to be aware of every exchange?

Cost control

Get a grip on raising fuel prices, toll costs and other expenses by calculating the cheapest or shortest routes for your transport in advance, supported by pre- and post-trip analysis.

Optimize your docks

Assign your spare loading docks to drivers when you know they will be arriving.

Reduced time loss

Navigate your drivers along the right ways with truck navigation based on real-time traffic.

ADR information

Inform authorities about dangerous goods you may be carrying such as gases, flammable or explosive substances or other goods which may or may not be included in the ADR.

Traffic warnings

Truckmeister informs the driver about dangerous situations that are ahead, such as tail ends of traffic jams or roadworks.

Avoid fines

Conform to driving and resting time regulations and receive information about truck parking availability on your route where you can rest in safe and clean conditions.

Fewer empty trucks

Whenever you have free space on your truck or trailer, we inform you about available goods for transport near your current location.

Personal communication

Send individual or broadcast messages to drivers, dispatchers or transport managers and take communication to the next level.

Pure innovation to conquer congestion in and around the port

The Port of Zeebrugge houses many transport & logistics players and often knows times of intense mobility. It possesses a mass of mobility data and was looking for an innovative way to leverage this valuable knowledge. With Be-Mobile, innovation to make the supply chain more efficient was lurking right around the corner.

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