Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS)

Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) will change everyone’s driving experience, with a clear impact on road safety.

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Safety-maximizing eminence

Be-Mobile’s C-ITS platform enables drivers to instantaneously receive local traffic information and to anticipate traffic conditions beyond the windshield. This is a revolutionary opportunity to

  • optimize travel times for drivers
  • improve safety on the road network
  • make it possible for road authorities to directly reach the road users.

A world of life-saving possibilities

Cits usecase dangerous situations 880

Dangerous situations

Warn drivers about roadworks, stationary vehicles, tail ends of traffic jams, etc.

Cits usecase traffic light priority 880

Traffic light priority

Let ambulances, police cars & firefighters move faster, smoother and safer in case of an emergency.

Cits usecase traffic light information 880

Traffic light information

Inform road users about the time-to-red and time-to-green.

Cits usecase maximum speed 880

Maximum speed

Display the applicable speed limit on every stretch of road.

Cits usecase speed advice 880

Speed advice

Make sure drivers can hit the brakes in time or start accelerating again.

Cits usecase traffic lane information 880

Traffic lane information

Notify drivers about which lanes are open and closed or how fast they can drive.

Cits usecase bridge openings 880

Bridge openings

Help users avoid open bridges or tell them how long it will take for the bridge to go down again.

Cits usecase parking space availability 880

Parking space availability

Guide drivers to parking areas in the neighborhood with free spots.

Cits usecase animal warnings 880

Animal warnings

Elk, deer or any other large animals on the loose? Prepare road users for the chance of happening.

Changing drivers’ lives

Our Flitsmeister & V-Traffic apps are currently changing drivers’ lives by actively exploiting these C-ITS features across Europe. We even have a tailored app for truck drivers called Truckmeister.

Automotive & navigation software providers

Offer travelers a seamless driving experience and integrate C-ITS technology directly in your OEM infotainment and navigation software. Give them the ability to make the best decisions based on personalized advice and make the interaction between driver and roadside systems a tangible reality.


Guide truck drivers to the right roads with tailored traffic advice.

Public transport

Get priority at traffic lights, optimize driving times and keep to the timetables.


Directly guide traffic and communicate with drivers in the city.

Emergency vehicles

Get priority at traffic lights, avoid running the red light and reach victims faster.

Public and private put C-ITS technology to the test

In cooperation with the Dutch Ministry for Infrastructure & Water Management and the Flitsmeister app we are actively bringing these C-ITS use cases to life for the daily driver in the Netherlands as part of the Talking Traffic project.

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