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First Mobilidata traffic solutions are live

19 April 2023

The first traffic solutions within the Mobilidata program are live. It is about the personalized traffic notifications for roadworks, accidents and many more.
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Denmark awards Be-Mobile with contract to supply the national tolling platform for trucks

17 February 2023

Denmark signed with Belgian toll technology provider Be-Mobile to develop a toll engine to enable truck toll collection on the Danish road network including in low-emission zones.
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Cheaper work and student parking rate in Bruges now possible via 4411

01 February 2023

The work and student parking rate - which allows people to park cheaper and longer - can now be activated via the 4411 app or via SMS to 4411.
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New parking guidance system for city of Beringen

23 January 2023

Recently, the city of Beringen began using its brand-new parking guidance system. The system ensures less search traffic in the city and smoother communication to travelers.
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"The self-driving car is not happening in the near future"

22 December 2022

The connected car is gradually becoming a reality. It has cameras and sensors, and receives input from other cars, from traffic infrastructure and from external sources.
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New traffic control system Ghent ready for Ghent Winter Festivities

13 December 2022

The new dynamic traffic control system is operational in Ghent. The system combines parking and traffic guidance in one and gives visitors information in real time.
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