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Bridging the gap between different mobility interests

The need for mobility of people and goods keeps growing and the capacity is getting scarcer by the minute. Building new infrastructure is not a durable or cost-effective solution, but then what is?

We believe in a collective mobility platform that connects every stakeholder in the mobility chain, where individual needs meet collective public goals. Connecting cities, OEMs, companies and travelers and bring them and their mobility data closer together.

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Make mobility move

We pursue one goal: give travelers, road operators, logistics companies & OEMs control over their mobility. We trust that total impact-driven traffic management is the way to do it: public and private parties must cooperate to make the collective goals of society a reality.

Underlying our strength is our revolutionary Connected Car & Traffic Platform. Collecting, fusing and processing all kinds of mobility data sources. It is the engine to our car, putting our offerings in motion to win the race towards optimized, shared and autonomous mobility.

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A revolution in traffic

Founded in 2006 by CEO Jan Cools, Be-Mobile started collecting Floating Car Data to aggregate into real-time traffic information for automotive, navigation, tv, radio, apps and more. Today, Be-Mobile has become an all-round specialized smart mobility company offering a solution for every player in the mobility industry – from logistics companies, tolling operators, OEMs and government agencies to port authorities and parking operators.

With its broad solution offering, Be-Mobile addresses the needs of public authorities, private businesses and individual travelers. A series of strategic acquisitions have gradually made our company and portfolio grow, making us stronger than ever with every step we take.

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