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The Brussels Periphery gets a view on traffic thanks to Be-Mobile FLOWcheck

07 September 2017

The Brussels Periphery has access to historical mobility data to uncover traffic bottlenecks in the neighborhood .
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Socrates 2.0 – European trials of new traffic information and traffic management services.

11 July 2017

Large-scale trials in Antwerp, Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Munich to test new traffic services
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Dynamic traffic management system for a more accessible City of Hasselt

03 May 2017

The city of Hasselt introduces a dynamic traffic management system to show drivers the right way to parking spaces and other places.
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The province of North Holland launched the iCentrale project to combine traffic centers

24 March 2017

North Holland optimizes traffic center operations by centralizing tunnel, traffic lights, variable message signs, bridge & locks activities
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€1.8 million for Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems in trucks

17 February 2017

Consortium is working on innovative solutions to increase traffic safety and avoid congestion through Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems.
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Be-Mobile participates in €90 million public-private cooperation

22 November 2016

Public and private partners invest up to €90 million in the new partnership Talking Traffic.
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