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Data support Ghent in mobility management

12 March 2021

Ghent aims for a modal shift, making transport more sustainable. Traffic Management as a Service supports that policy by offering a new generation of tools to manage traffic.
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Dutch ambulances safer on the road thanks to Belgian innovation

23 December 2020

Green light for ambulances at all smart traffic lights in the Netherlands thanks to Be-Mobile, contributing to increased safety for road users, ambulance teams and patients.
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Dynamic signage should help to better spread trucks over parking areas

22 October 2020

The current occupancy rate of five freeway parking areas for trucks will be displayed on the dynamic signs above the road as part of a pilot project along the E17 freeway.
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On-street parking with 4411 is now possible via the MyProximus app

20 October 2020

Thanks to the integration of the 4411 services, Proximus customers can pay for their parking session in almost 200 cities via their MyProximus app.
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CITRUS pilot project offers preview of smart mobility of the future

08 October 2020

App with realtime traffic information increases safety and efficiency for truck drivers.
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Truckmeister reports in-truck tire pressure gauge results

14 September 2020

Low tire pressure is often the cause of truck breakdowns and this can now be prevented by using the Truckmeister application.
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