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CITRUS pilot project offers preview of smart mobility of the future

08 October 2020

App with realtime traffic information increases safety and efficiency for truck drivers.
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Truckmeister reports in-truck tire pressure gauge results

14 September 2020

Low tire pressure is often the cause of truck breakdowns and this can now be prevented by using the Truckmeister application.
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Parking application 4411 offers mobile payment for NMBS/SNCB train tickets

02 March 2020

Parking app 4411 adds mobile payment for train tickets in Belgium in addition to on-street parking, off-street parking, electric charging and bus tickets.
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Why C-ITS is the next logical step in traffic

14 February 2020

Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) is the next logal step in traffic: it dematerializes traffic management and brings it directly on car dashboards.
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Avoid traffic jams with proactive navigation advice around Amsterdam

09 December 2019

With a new pilot in the Amsterdam area, our Flitsmeister application now offers drivers an alternative route when congestion is expected in the near future.
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Is the light green, orange or red? Data from smart traffic lights now in car

07 November 2019

Be-Mobile connects smart traffic lights with its Flitsmeister app, which means that drivers will always know if the light is green, orange or red.
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