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Electric vans charging LR

31 May 2022

Electric or green mobility is the kind of mobility that cities want on their territory. It ensures less noise pollution, less CO² and therefore a more pleasant city. Mobility is not limited to passenger vehicles, but also includes deliveries of packages or store supplies. Today, cities already have many means at their disposal to achieve green mobility.

Charging capacity

To make optimal use of the available charging capacity, we can encourage certain behaviors and penalize others. For example, today it is perfectly possible to reward people who drive electric with a free parking session while the car is being charged. However, if they continue to occupy the charge point after charging, the user first receives a notification via a mobile application such as the parking app 4411. If the charging station still remains occupied by the same driver, he pays a higher rate. Also, the parking spaces in front of a charging station are too often occupied by vehicles that are not electric. This problem can be easily solved by checking the vehicle type so that only electric cars occupy these spaces.

"Does an electric vehicle continue to occupy the charging station after charging? Then a paid parking session starts at a higher rate."

- Wouter Van de Wiele, Offering Manager at Be-Mobile

Low-emission zones

Few things are as contested as a low-emission zone but a recent report by the Flemish Environment Agency confirms that they work. In the future, these zones will become stricter so that, for example, deliveries can only be made by electric vehicles. Also, smaller cities will be enabled to roll out an LEZ, without an expensive camera network, but with the help of scancars and parking operators. It will also be possible to purchase an LEZ day pass through a mobile app or the parking meter so that people can more easily regulate themselves.

There are many futuristic things that are being developed in parallel, for example, artificial intelligence is being used to develop new charging stations. However, a city does not have to wait for this and already has various means at its disposal to make traffic greener.

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Read about future-proof urban traffic by setting feasible policies that steer mobility. Available in English, Dutch and French.