New app ‘Truckmeister’ makes freight traffic smoother and safer in ports and on international roads

Truckmeister app

On 11 April 2019, smart mobility company Be-Mobile and the Zeebrugge Port authority (MBZ) launched the free Truckmeister app, enabling smoother and safer freight traffic in the port and beyond. Via the app, truck drivers receive warnings and updates about the current situation at the port, but also about traffic on international roads in Europe. As such, the app contributes to an optimal supply chain, efficient freight traffic and safer roads.

Port authority, terminals and truck drivers together for smoother transport

Truckmeister bridges the gap between the truck driver on the one hand and the port and its terminals on the other. Every terminal has been mapped, offering truck drivers the chance to easily find the way to their destination. With the Be-Mobile fleet management system, the port authority can warn or redirect drivers in case of dangerous situations. “The port has so many valuable data, such as special access routes per terminal and diversion routes to waiting car parks to improve traffic flows. Truckmeister is the right way to easily and directly bring this to the driver,’ says Jan Cools, CEO of Be-Mobile.

Taking into consideration the current traffic, Truckmeister will send the estimated time of arrival (ETA) to the connected terminals so they can take action when the truck would arrive too soon or too late. If necessary, the trucks can be guided to a parking space where the terminal can give the instruction to leave for a new slot. As such, the app optimizes the supply chain. Joachim Coens, Managing Director of MBZ: “The port authority has strongly been focusing on digitization the past year and the Truckmeister app is a beautiful result of this. For us, it is a priority that the load can move smoothly from, towards and in our port – without disturbing the environment. With the Truckmeister app, freight traffic reaches the port in a good way.”

The road as a safe haven

The app is also designed to secure drivers’ safety. Truckmeister is therefore equipped with functionalities such as real-time traffic information (delays, accidents, stationary vehicles, speed checks, traffic jams at X metre, etc.), but also warnings for priority vehicles, maximum speed, speed advice and optimal route suggestions. Thanks to the voice command functionality, every warning is read out to the driver so they never have to take their eyes off the road, in the port and beyond.

A similar project, CITRUS, already started in 2017. It is a cooperation between Be-Mobile, the Belgian supermarket Colruyt and the Flemish Government. Colruyt trucks can request priority at traffic lights that prevents them from slowing down but at the same time offers them the opportunity to save time and emit less CO2.

The app

The app is available to download for every European truck driver in the App Store or via Google Play. More information at

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