Dynamic traffic management system for a more accessible City of Hasselt

Dynamic traffic mgmt hasselt

The city of Hasselt implements a dynamic traffic management system to improve accessibility of the area. That system will inform visitors in real time about the travel times, nearest parking spaces as well as the occupancy rate of those car parks.

Drivers will be accompanied by LED signs as they enter the city, indicating in real time how many places are available and providing information about travel times. It is possible thanks to real-time traffic information based on Floating Car Data next to underground parking buildings, on-street parking sensors information and De Lijn buses arrival times.

"This is all necessary," says the city council, "because finding a parking spot in Hasselt is a source of annoyance to many". El Ouakili – city mobility councilor, continues: "At the end of June, the contract begins to run for the supplier. Be-Mobile then has 175 calendar days to order and install the necessary equipment. After that, they are also responsible for the maintenance of all software and hardware for the next 10 years.”

This system is actually a dynamic circulation plan. By telling people where there is a traffic jam, where there are roadworks, where it is difficult to circulate, we can better drive traffic in the city.

Jan Cools - CEO Be-Mobile

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