Is the light green, orange or red? Data from smart traffic lights now in car

Traffic lights in FM

The Netherlands fulfils a pioneering role when it comes to implementing new technologies to improve traffic. Part of this commitment are smart traffic lights, which are steadily growing in number. Be-Mobile has now connected these smart traffic lights with its Flitsmeister app. This means that drivers will always know if the light is green, orange or red – even if the sun is in their eyes, if there is a truck in front of them or if they are just too close to see the color of the lights.

Next steps

Time-to-red & time-to-green

The current functionality is already a great step towards increasing road safety and driver comfort, but what is next will have an even bigger impact. The Flitsmeister app will be able to count down the seconds until the time the lights turn red or green. Drivers will feel more at ease because they are informed and can anticipate the situation better.

Speed advice & green wave

Combined with a speed advice, drivers will also get the opportunity to take part in a green wave so they do not have to slow down unnecessarily.

Android & iOS

The functionality is currently only on available on Android devices, but iPhone users will soon be able to test the new functionality too. This release is part of the Talking Traffic project.

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