The province of North Holland launched the iCentrale project to combine traffic centers

North holland i Centrale

Multiple local authorities and private companies in North Holland join forces to make a major step forward by combining different traffic centers. They typically monitor and control tunnels, traffic lights & Variable Message Signs and operate bridges & locks from a distance. Centralizing these activities should make traffic flows 15% faster.

Within the project, Be-Mobile collects, aggregates, enriches and filters data from the different domains to produce useful information for the iCentrale, the name of the project. According to experts, the iCentrale could also reduce the costs of the local authorities by 10 to 20%. Currently, local authorities (road and city administrators) in the Netherlands have more than 150 traffic centers, each of them operated by their own staff. The total cost remains unknown, but is estimated at over € 200 million per year. Many of the tasks include monitoring and most of the time the serving staff has too little to do.

Concrete cases are now practiced such as:

  • a smart combination of city surveillance and traffic management in the city of Rotterdam;
  • a clever combination of monitoring and operation of tunnels, remote control of bridges & locks and traffic management in the province of Northern Holland;
  • the purchase of services “as a service” by the municipality of Almere.

Until the end of 2017, the 13 private parties and local authorities are testing the smart integrated data and services. As from 2018, these services will be available nationwide.

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