Pure innovation to conquer congestion in and around the port

Conquer congestion in the port 2

Housing nearly 400 terminals and companies, a considerable amount of trucks enter and exit the port site on a daily basis, but still an overall view on traffic flows in the port remains a black spot. How could they conquer congestion in and around the port with pure innovation, looking after the interests of every stakeholder?

Setting the scene

Be-Mobile unites both Port Authority, terminals and companies in one logistics platform that gives them a view on traffic in the area, origin and destination of trucks, waiting times at terminals, etc. More concretely, the platform collects very valuable port data in one spot and integrates our traffic expertise. Connecting this to the Truckmeister app, the data are directly brought to the truck driver, enabling every stakeholder in the port ecosystem to reap the rewards from the system.

The next steps

With a positive effect on daily operations, the Port Authority is always on the lookout to keep improving with innovation. Our Logistics Platform gives them the power to think about what’s next that will add value to the logistics chain.

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