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Our virtual co-pilots assist you during every ride with navigation, route updates and real-time warnings.

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Passenger vehicles

Our traffic brands Flitsmeister & V-Traffic bring real-time traffic information and safety warnings into the vehicle via smartphone apps, car application stores or mirroring using C-ITS technology.


Most popular traffic app in the Benelux.

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Flitsmeister is a navigation & traffic information app with more than 1.8 million unique monthly users. Cooperating both with drivers, private companies and public authorities, Flitsmeister improves the daily driving experience of travelers and enhances road safety across Europe.

Turn-by-turn navigation

Voice instructions leading drivers safely through Europe.

Accident alerts

Notify drivers of an accident on their route so they can anticipate a possible traffic jam.

Traffic jam warnings

Define possible delays including travel times and advisable detours.

Traffic light information

Counts down the seconds to turning green, red or orange.

Priority vehicle warnings

Warn drivers about approaching ambulances, firefighters and more to give way in time.

Roadwork notifications

Display speed advice when approaching, combined with a warning.

Speed trap alerts

Optimize the speed of drivers and ensure smoother traffic.

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Maximum speed notice

Never guess the current speed limit on every stretch of road.

Animal warnings

Prevent fatal accidents with elk and deer crashing into vehicles.

Weather conditions

Notify drivers of exceptional weather circumstances such as snow and ice.

Heavy vehicles

Truckmeister is totally disrupting truck drivers’ traveling experience. Never before has there been a truck driver app integrating all those special features that were never included in a normal navigation app, until now.


The number one truck driver app.

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Connected to our backend system, public authorities and private businesses can directly communicate with their drivers to send them updates, warnings and more. As such, the app optimizes their supply chain and cuts the costs.

Truck navigation

Leading truck drivers only along roads accessible by trucks.

Truck ETA

Limited in speed, trucks usually take longer to reach their destination.

ADR info

Transporting dangerous goods, it is important for drivers to know where they can and cannot drive.

Paperless driving

Upload, store, sign and send documents the digital way.

Pure innovation to conquer congestion in and around the port

With a large territory of operations, the Port of Zeebrugge houses many transport & logistics players. These often already have a decent fleet system giving them the opportunity to manage their assets, but actually a logistics system is what they really needed to make their supply chain more efficient.

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