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Upgrade your in-car services by maximizing the potential of one broadcasting technology or combining their individual strengths in a hybrid formula.

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On-board traffic information

With a customer portfolio that includes more than 32 car manufacturers, Be-Mobile is one of Europe’s leading traffic information suppliers. We deliver our services to road users via the most efficient and popular technologies available, including CONNECTED, DAB-TPEG and RDS-TMC. Be-Mobile is the sole EU provider who can offer a hybrid solution combining these different technologies.


over the internet

Undoubtedly the most flexible service that perfectly responds to the customer’s changed driving expectations. Transmitting traffic data via the mobile network in TPEG or XML format, this technology delivers traffic information with personalized content very fast, including interactive and community-focused services directly via the smartphone.


via digital radio

With a capacity that is hundreds of times larger and faster than RDS-TMC networks, TPEG messages deliver impressive quantities of rich information that go beyond basic traffic information: travel times, weather information, details about parking, etc. This technology offers the best value for money – because it is available for the lifetime of your device and there are no limitations on usage.


via analogue radio waves

Using the analogue FM radio waves, this service has the broadest coverage currently available and is accessible by millions of people across Europe. It’s the simplest way to deliver a complete service to on-board navigation systems and GPS devices through a standard and easy-to-implement technology that is available for life.

Automotive navigation routing

Routing & navigation

Excellent route calculation and navigation provided with real-time and predictive traffic data. Give drivers the control to beat traffic jams and other unexpected obstacles.
Automotive navigation safety warnings

Safety warnings

Warn drivers for dangerous on-road situations so they can adjust their driving behavior when needed. These safety warnings include stationary vehicles, accidents, approaching ambulances, tail end of traffic jams and more.
Automotive navigation road operators

Connectivity with road operators

Provide the most accurate and detailed information about roadworks, road closures, detours and dynamic maximum speeds by connecting drivers directly with road operators.
Automotive navigation road infrastructure

Communication with road infrastructure (C-ITS)

Offer the best traffic information by enabling communication between car and road infrastructure. Bring traffic light and variable message sign information inside the car.
Automotive navigation payments


Allow travelers to have a seamless payment experience for a variety of mobility services. Offer a multi-modal solution with payment for on- and off-street parking, public transport tickets, toll and shared services.
Automotive navigation community


Connect to our platform and become part of a multimillion-driver community. Make traveling easier, safer and more efficient.

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