Radio as prime source of traffic information

Radio prime source traffic information

VRT long recognized the importance of offering their listeners premium traffic information on all of their radio stations at regular times throughout the day. In doing so, the VRT aims to increase audience share and retention as commuters regularly tune in specifically to listen to accurate, precise and up to the minute traffic information. This service is a key differentiator in light of increasing competition within the broadcasting industry.

The traffic information value chain

Via our on-site traffic center Touring Mobilis, Be-Mobile delivers the premier source of traffic information available in Belgium today. As such, we bring the complete traffic information experience from A to Z – from the raw data to a clear message for the driver telling him exactly what is happening on the road.

  1. Traffic data of the highest quality, processed into real-time traffic information
  2. Traffic operators entering and monitoring traffic events on the road
  3. An event management tool consolidating events from different sources: callers, police, municipal traffic centers, etc.
  4. An editorial tool to draft traffic bulletins
  5. Traffic editors co-writing and reading out the actual traffic bulletin

Since 1979, the VRT traffic editorial team has been providing by far the best radio traffic information in the country, working together with the Ghent-based company Be-Mobile, the three traffic centers in Belgium, police services, the Touring Mobilis correspondent network, the many listeners of Studio Brussels, MNM, Radio 1 and Radio 2 and Twitterers via @verkeersanker and @hajobeeckman.

Hajo Beeckman, renowned traffic journalist

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