Find a way around dangerous or delaying situations to stick to the predefined (route) planning.

Traffic affects us all, so why not pick the best traffic information for your projects? These traffic APIs allow you to retrieve traffic events and information about car parks that may have a potential impact on your customer’s journey.

Traffic events

Get access to traffic jams, accidents, local blockades and many more events that may affect driver journeys all over Europe.


Accidents, traffic jams, open bridges, incidents, roadworks, road closures, etc.
European coverage
Slovenia, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Turkey, Luxembourg, France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, Finland, etc.

Traffic layer

Already got a digital map, but want an extra layer visualizing the current traffic conditions? Our color-coded traffic layer gives you the ability to instantly spot problematic areas.


Traffic speeds
The legally prescribed speed limits
Traffic delay
Where is traffic slower than it should be?
Traffic jams
The current locations with congestion

Travel Times

Calculate one or more routes at a time and compare the corresponding travel times for cars and trucks in an accessible matrix.


Multiple starting points
Combine several points of departure
Multiple destinations
Add different sets of destinations
Truck & car
Calculate travel times for both truck and car

Parking information

Are there any parking spots left? Is the parking building open or closed? With this API, you are done guessing. Inform yourself and act based on what you see.


Capacity & occupancy rate
The total capacity of the parking building and how many spots are left
Is the parking area currently open or closed?
Other details
Opening hours, tariffs, height restrictions, etc.

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