Find the quickest route for any transport mode.

Focusing on retrieving the quickest route for cars? Maybe you want to take it up a notch with routing instructions for trucks, public transport and priority vehicles? Or even combine every possible transport mode all at once? Find here every mobility tech tool you have always been looking for.

Car Route Planner

Quickly and accurately calculate itineraries for passenger vehicles throughout Europe, including detailed instructions and viapoints.


Fastest route
Travel from A to B in as little time as possible
Live traffic
Up-to-the-minute travel times including real-time traffic delays
ETA calculation
Be prepared – know when you will arrive

Intermodal Route Planner

Starting off by car, switch to public transport in the middle and end the journey by bike? Calculate routes combining different transport modes with our intermodal route planner API.


Multiple transport modes
Car, bus, train, tram, bike, ferry, on foot, shared bike, shared car, taxi, water bus, etc.
Public transport information
Real-time travel times and list of stops

Toll price simulator

Got route planning covered, but missing tolling information? Get a view on the toll roads and their applicable tariffs for the routes you need.


For every toll road in Belgium and Germany
Calculates route and toll costs based on GPS coordinates
Tariffs may vary during certain times of day
Some directions may be more expensive than others
Vehicle parameters
Prices may change depending on Euroclass and weight

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